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Your Alcohol Dependency can Cause Alcoholic liver disease

You must have heard about alcohol liver disease. This situation arises when our liver becomes damaged. This condition is known as alcoholic liver disease or alcoholic hepatitis. It’s a chronic condition that affects the process of whole body.

Alcoholic liver disease video is helpful in providing information about alcoholic liver disease symptoms and alcoholic liver disease causes. Alcoholic hepatitis describes a variety of multiple symptoms or conditions that arise during the beginning stage of alcohol liver disease. These conditions occur because of the excess consumption of the alcohol.

Alcoholic liver disease symptoms may vary. Our liver performs over 500 functions. Most of these functions are essential for the human body and for the survival. Alcohol liver disease doesn’t show any symptoms in the initial stage. It means that it doesn’t have any noticeable symptoms. As the disease progress alcoholic liver disease symptoms alcoholic liver disease symptoms also starts to arise. It includes

• Having pain or tenderness in the abdominal area

• Fatigue

• Fever

• Dry mouth or excessive thirst

• Mental confusion

• Jaundice

• Unexplained weight loss

• Nausea or loss of appetite

Alcohol liver disease shows various stages. In the beginning stage of this disorder, fatty liver disease occurs. It can occur even if the alcohol is consumed only for the small period of time. It causes the buildup of fatty acids within the liver. Mostly this stage has no symptoms to show and this condition can be reversed, if alcohol consumption is ceased for approximately 2 weeks. The alcohol liver disease causes can be known in a better way with the help of alcoholic liver disease video.

When the disease reached to the second stage then the hepatitis of the liver occurs. In this problem, the liver tissues become inflamed due to the excessive use of alcohol. It is a more serious type of liver damage. It can be potentially reversed, when the consumption of alcohol is ceased for a period of several months to several years.

When the individual developed cirrhosis of the liver, then it is the final stage of the disease. It can prove to be a life threatening condition. In this condition the liver developed scar tissue due to the prolonged condition of the ailment. This condition is irreversible and the impairment depends on the severity that how severely the scarring has damaged the liver. In serious cases this condition leads to liver failure.

Although this condition is irreversible still steps can be taken to prevent the further damage and immediate cease of consumption is first among them. More information about this disease, alcohol disease symptoms and alcohol disease causes can be obtained with the help of alcohol disease video.

Alcoholism is not a habit but it’s a disease. It is the main and biggest cause of cirrhosis of the liver. So prevention is its biggest cure.

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